Production of packaging for dairy and food products

20 years of producing food packaging

Production and sale of packaging for dairy products
Молочная пленка
Milk packaging films
Молочный стакан
Dairy tumblers and cups
Die-cut lids
Narrow area of expertise
We only produce packaging for food products. We have been producing milk packaging for 20 years. This means a more focused approach to our clients' needs, which allows for finding better solutions.
Compliance with food standards

The entire production process is arranged as if we were producing baby food - this guarantees the purity and safety of our products.

Every year, this is confirmed by an independent audit carried out by Bureau Veritas one of the world's leading certification bodies.

Full cycle production
The entire process from pellets to finished products with printable labels takes place on our own territory, which allows constant monitoring at every step and ensuring consistent quality of our packaging.
Service and support
We cooperate with many manufacturers of filling machines, therefore, in case of any problems, our experts promptly provide the necessary assistance in setting up the equipment and starting the packing process.
Moreover we offer:
Prompt fulfillment of urgent orders
Flexible payment system
Granting either credit to customers under deferred payment terms or a discount for prepayment
Sending free samples to your address
We have been producing packaging for dairy products for more than 20 years
More than 130 dairy factories cooperate with us, being our permanent and loyal clients.
The average production time for any type of packaging is 14 days.

Our company is open for guests, and we are always glad to see them.

Meanwhile, take a look at our production process.

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Dairy products deserve to be packaged on time and in beautiful ready-to-use packaging.
It is profitable
By ordering all packages in a ‘single window’, you can reduce shipping costs and make the supply chain of milk packaging run as smoothly as possible.
It is convenient
To keep your equipment running smoothly, and to reduce downtime to a minimum, we track your packaging needs monthly and remind you to extend the order, if necessary.
It is fast
Our production facilities are located in the city of Kirov, which is a major transport hub where many federal highways intersect. This location allows quick delivery of our products to any territory in Russia.
Production of packaging only for dairy and food products

Many companies produce packaging for different types of products. We are focused on the production and supply of packaging only for the dairy and food industries. This narrow area of expertise enables us to provide our client with the best quality and the best conditions.

It is very important for us that our customers can reduce their packaging and logistics costs while their their products are kept safe during production and transportation. Our customers say that we understand their needs and that we respond quickly and efficiently to any request from them.

High-quality and timely orders fulfillment

Most often, the key criteria for a customer, who chooses a packaging supplier, are: quality and timing. We carry out mandatory monitoring of the order fulfillment at all of its stages: from pellet preparation to transportation of finished products to the customers.

Also, for the convenience of our customers, the company has developed a procedure of advanced planning of orders. This means that, having certain statistics, we track the needs of our customers on a monthly basis and remind them of the necessity to renew the current orders, so that they can minimize downtime in the work of their equipment.

It is very important for us that all orders are fulfilled efficiently and on time, regardless of the distance from our clients.

We make the perfect packaging for the perfect dairy products.
We are already trusted by
Liton, OOO

Liton, OOO, a Limited Liability Company, was founded in 2000. With high-quality packaging, we assist dairy factories in the promotion of their products. We produce classical packaging - milk films, tumblers, cups, die-cut lids, sleeves and clear flat lids.

We supply packaging to large holdings (for example, Danone) and to small farms.

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